Work April 12, 2016

A Big Solution for Small Businesses


Last year, FedEx approached inferno to assist in redesigning the FedEx Small Business Center. FedEx has spent decades gathering helpful tips and tools for small business owners. This collection of articles and videos reinforced their commitment to small businesses. But at a certain point, the wealth of information had outgrown their site structure. So FedEx turned to us to help make it easier for users to find relevant content.

We wanted to simplify the structure and design of the site. And the biggest challenge was to take a critical eye to the information FedEx had gathered. We worked with FedEx to make articles shorter and more relevant. Then, we structured the site so that users could easily navigate the content. Our simplified structure helped small businesses by making it easy to find helpful resources.

The FedEx Small Business Center is still evolving, as FedEx constantly works to bring as much value as they can to small business customers. Recently, our efforts helped the site land on a Huffington Post list of the top 10 small business websites. And as a large company who truly does care about the little guy, they deserve it. We’re proud to help FedEx connect with their customers and continue to optimize their online experience.