Culture December 6, 2017

Creeping it Real: inferno Halloweek


After nine months of intense intra-office competition, the agency’s three Playing with Fire teams went head-to-head during Halloweek. (Hey, if Christmas can have 12 days, Halloween deserves a few extra.) Billed as “Spirited Competition, Scary Pointential,” this week-long slate of freakishly fun activities put 200 points up for grabs. Would the lead team be tricked into losing its advantage? Would an underdog team be treated to glory?

Emails, posters, and team badges promoted the events. The Wednesday preceding Halloween, infernites decorated their desks. Then, teams battled it out with Thursday’s Terrifying Trivia, followed by Friday’s Pumpkin Patch Food & Wine Festival. Monday, everyone had their gourd up with a “step away from the knife” pumpkin-decorating event. On Tuesday, October 31, murderous mayhem ensued with a Killer Cocktail Competition, judged by Sommelier Ryan Radish.

The wicked week wrapped up with a preternatural scavenger hunt. Teams solved clues and took pictures of themselves at 13 of South Main’s most famous haunts, including Earnestine & Hazel’s, the Hotel Pontotoc, and The Green Beetle. If you’re wondering which team buried the competition, the answer is Pyronauts with 193 points.