Insight March 3, 2020

Five Times to Leverage Geofencing Ads



What if we told you we know where your audience is right now and that we could reach a highly concentrated group of them? It’s not magic, it’s geofencing! Geofencing ads allow your message to reach your target audience in a strategic way. Many people have some idea about when this tactic might be best deployed, but there are more uses for geofencing than meets the eye.


What is geofencing?

Geofencing is a marketing tactic that serves ads to a group of people based on their very specific location. It goes deeper than just ZIP code targeting, since it can narrow down the area within hundreds of yards.

This tactic is best used when a large number of a business’ audience members are present at a specific location. Geofencing can be leveraged to reach them during their time at this location, as well as through retargeting after they leave.


When to leverage geofencing ads

Based on the specificity of your audience, there are instances when leveraging geofencing ads would be a good idea. Below are five times to consider reaching your audience though this tactic.

  1. At a conference you’re attending – This is the most common way we see B2B businesses use geofencing. They serve ads to audience members in the vicinity, directing them to visit their booth or session.
  2. At a conference you’re not attending – Many people don’t consider geofencing events where they don’t have a presence. However, it’s a cost-effective way to reach your audience when attendance isn’t possible.
  3. During a sale – When your business hosts an ongoing event, such as a sale, geofencing local competitors can be a good way to reach your potential audience. Serve ads that offer a coupon or other special that might entice consumers to visit your location.
  4. At competitor events – Large gatherings of your competitors’ customers or potential customers offer a great opportunity to use geofencing ads. Send a message about how your brand differs from those of your competitors.
  5. Community events – If your company is a local small business, geofencing community events in your area is a great way to bring people to your location. Look at local craft fairs, farmers markets, and festivals as potential targets.

Like all marketing tactics, geofencing ads should only be deployed if there’s a clear strategy behind the objective of the ads and in the messaging. Because most geofencing happens on mobile devices, user experience is crucial.

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