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Eclectic Eye: Eyelights

Eclectic EyeEclectic Eye puts their focus on the customer with quarterly newsletter.Local eyewear retailer and optometry provider Eclectic Eye is known for having a unique perspective. So it’s no surprise that they see things differently when it comes to customer engagement.Sometimes, the hardest thing to remember about marketing your business is that it isn’t about... View Article

Client News

Paragon shares consumer insights to help guide economic recovery for Memphis businesses

Paragon is a different kind of bank, rooted in – and rooting for – the Memphis community. Bankers at Paragon believe that small and mid-size businesses deserve a local financial partner who cares about their success. The Outlook Memphis Economic Study is just one example of how Paragon Bank supports the local business community. For... View Article


Tradewind Group provides key market insights for B2B clients

Even before quarantines and lockdowns fundamentally changed how we interact with brands, Tradewind Group was looking for more opportunities to connect with both existing and potential customers. Experts in market research and strategic sourcing for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, the Tradewind Group team is used to working behind the scenes. Collecting and analyzing... View Article


Evolutions in Email Marketing for 2021 and Beyond – 4 Trends to Watch

Over the last year, widespread stay-at-home orders and the accompanying economic turmoil have changed the game for marketers everywhere. Rapid lifestyle changes brought about by COVID-19 have also produced new and unpredictable consumer behavior. And many marketers are still trying to catch up. Throughout the pandemic, there’s been a lot of talk about essential businesses… View Article


Emerging Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Celebrating inferno’s 20th anniversary, we’ve enjoyed looking back at some of the wonderful projects we’ve worked on. Moving into a new decade, we’re excited by the prospect of projects to come, especially those that allow us to flex our creative muscles and build dynamic collateral that aligns with 2020 digital marketing trends. This past year… View Article


3 Tips for Perfecting Your Email Marketing Strategy

Most of us have signed up to receive emails from our favorite brands – whether it’s in hopes of scoring a discount or being the first to know when a pair of sneakers comes back in stock. We also know firsthand what it feels like to receive an email from a brand we did not… View Article


How to Track Email Engagement Metrics

In an ideal world, email engagement for your marketing campaigns would sit at 100 percent every time. More often than not, however, you are competing with emails from friends, family, and coworkers for your subscribers’ attention and email engagement. Not to mention trying not to trip the spam filter. Marketers know the potential that emails... View Article


Email List Segmentation: What You Need to Know

Email marketing is far from dead. It’s an essential tool that has a median ROI of 122 percent – more than four times higher than other marketing formats, including social media, direct mail, and paid search. Social platforms might be the media-darlings, but when it comes to conversions, email marketing still runs the show. One… View Article


3 Email Marketing Tips to Keep the (Brand) Love Alive

By Anna Condon, Junior Copywriter If there's one universal truth about relationships, it's that they will change over time. From the so-stoked-to-try-the-latest-widget phase to the frustrated-by-too-many-emails phase to the definitely-can't-live-without-the-exclusive-deals phase, customers’ feelings about your email marketing tends to ebb and flow. Part of managing email marketing is figuring out how to deal with the churn... View Article


The Little Announcement That Could Change Email Marketing in a Big Way

Do you send out emails to a client or subscriber list? Are you publishing a newsletter and sending out an email reminder? Are you running a promotion you want to make sure your customers know about? Well, Google recently released new information that could make you rethink the way you send out your emails. While the buzz... View Article