Five Times to Leverage Geofencing Ads

  What if we told you we know where your audience is right now and that we could reach a highly concentrated group of them? It’s not magic, it’s geofencing! Geofencing ads allow your message to reach your target audience in a strategic way. Many people have some idea about when this tactic might be… View Article


Emerging Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Celebrating inferno’s 20th anniversary, we’ve enjoyed looking back at some of the wonderful projects we’ve worked on. Moving into a new decade, we’re excited by the prospect of projects to come, especially those that allow us to flex our creative muscles and build dynamic collateral that aligns with 2020 digital marketing trends. This past year… View Article


Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with Geofencing

Location-based technology is opening up a whole new world of opportunities for marketers to communicate with customers in real-time, called geomarketing. New capabilities and uses emerge every day – such as geotargeting, geofencing, and geofilters. Geofencing is one of the most common ways that businesses enter the world of location-based marketing. Put simply, geofencing is... View Article