inferno helps the world meet AMI, a new AI-driven solution from Transnetyx

To help researchers manage the efficiency of their labs, Transnetyx recently launched a revolutionary new AI for colony management. Artificial Mouse Intelligence (AMI) operates as an extension of the research team, working 24/7 to help manage colonies more efficiently with less effort. AMI allows researchers to spend less time on administrative tasks — providing the... View Article

Public Relations Work

COVID-19 Response: Engaging Customers in a Crisis

TransnetyxCOVID-19 Response: Engaging Customers During a CrisisIt’s safe to say that no one saw 2020 coming. When the pandemic struck, the entire world was taken by surprise. Sudden mandatory quarantines left people, businesses, and communities worldwide scrambling.One thing that the pandemic made clear, however, is the importance of research. The world needed researchers working on... View Article


The DNA of Transnetyx Office Branding

The internal design of your office space can make or break the experience of customers and employees alike. Your business should have a space that is not only inviting, but that also reinforces the core values and mission of your brand. For Transnetyx, it’s important for their employees to see the impact their services have... View Article


Changing the Online DNA of a Genotyping Giant

In 2000, the future founders of Transnetyx, Bob Bean and Tim Hodge, asked a really good question, “Why can’t we automate genotyping?” Four years later, Transnetyx was born by launching the world’s first fully automated genotyping system. Fast forward to 2016 and Transnetyx has genotyped more than 10 million samples in 24 or 72 hours... View Article


inferno Draws Mice into a Revolt for Labfinity

It’s not every day you get to draw a parallel between cutting edge computer software and the poor colony management of King George. But when we were recently asked to create a flyer promoting Labfinity Colony Manager, that’s exactly what we did. Labfinity Colony Manager provides an organized system for researchers to log and manage... View Article


inferno Gives Researchers a Taste of Transnetyx

Good lip service can work wonders for business — as Transnetyx recently demonstrated on a trip to Northwestern University’s campus with a handful of representatives, a truckload of cupcakes, and one savory ad campaign. To publicize the company visit, we created a concept that whet researchers’ appetites and drove foot-traffic to the cupcake site. Faculty... View Article