Agency News August 1, 2019

Volunteer Odyssey recognizes inferno for commitment to service


In honor of Memphis’s 200th anniversary, Volunteer Odyssey launched a yearlong initiative to promote a lasting culture of volunteerism in the Greater Memphis Area.

When the National Civil Rights Museum issued the call-to-action, “Where do we go from here?” Volunteer Odyssey answered with the Year to Volunteer initiative, which sought to:

• Engage 10,000 volunteers.
• Generate 85,000 hours of service.
• Foster more than $2 million in economic impact.
• Celebrate companies and organizations dedicated to serving Memphis.

inferno gives back to the Memphis community every day

Community is at the heart of our agency culture. We work hard to build community within our walls and to encourage every employee to give back to the communities where we live, work and play.

Fuelanthropic is how we empower our employees to make a meaningful difference in our community. In addition to providing work pro bono, inferno grants employees a week of civic time to support those causes and organizations that they embrace. To date, Fuelanthropic has provided the community with more than 15,000 hours of volunteer service.

We’ve teamed up with dozens of organizations across the Mid-South, donating our time, talent and resources to further their charitable mission.

In honor of our contributions, Volunteer Odyssey presented the agency with the Year to Volunteer award. It’s an honor to know that our efforts have made an impact, and we’re excited for another 20 years serving our community.